Dominique FallaHi there. My name is Dominique Falla and I was recently invited to apply for a typography master class, held in Rome by the School of Visual Arts. When I discovered Louise Fili was going to be there, I jumped at the chance, applied and got in!

I went to Rome for 12 days in June 2012, and immersed myself in all things typographic and I devised this Postcards from Rome project to allow my family, friends and members of the general public, to share the experience with me.

In 2009 I undertook a similar project where I “tagged” 50 people, places, and things in Prague for people who made requests via the Internet. It was a fantastic project that really engaged people to find really interesting things for me to tag for them and that resulted in a wonderful book: The Tague Project. You can visit the project website here.

Dominique Falla is an Australian “tactile typographer”, illustrator, graphic designer and author who works in a variety of tactile mediums and she combines digital creation with analogue output for exhibition and publication. Dominique also convenes the Graphic Design program at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. You can visit her folio website here if you would like to see some recent examples of her tactile typography work.