The custom-made, tactile typography postcards will be handmade on Fabriano watercolor paper by Dominique Falla, whilst on location in Rome.

The subject matter of the postcards will be an assortment of people, places and things. If you want a postcard from the Colosseum, Dominique will go there and make a tactile typography postcard on the spot. If you want a postcard from the Borghese family, she will make a postcard from Borghese inspired elements. You can even get a little creative and request a gelato postcard or a pasta postcard. Anything that is quintessentially Roma!

The Italian company Fabriano is the oldest paper manufacturer in Europe and the official paper sponsor of this project. The 50 Fabriano postcards will be hand cut with a deckle edge, hopefully letter pressed on the back (still working that one out) and they will be personally addressed to each “requester”.

The front of the postcards will be an assemblage of drawings, paintings, ephemera, photography and/or whatever tactile elements Dominique can find when on location in Rome. The difficult part of this project is that it is hard to know what the postcards will look like until she arrives on located and is inspired by the elements she finds when she gets there. You can check out some of Dominique’s tactile typography work here.


Unfortunately all postcard requests have been made, so you can’t request one anymore, but you can still order a set of 50 postcards for $50 and a softcover version of the book will be available in September.