Why didn’t you use Kickstarter to fund this project?

I’m located in Australia and unfortunately, as wonderful as Kickstarter is, it is only available for Americans at the moment. The Australian versions that I could find, such as iPledge or Pozible all require 100% funding or else they return the money to backers and the project doesn’t go ahead. I would like this project to go ahead no matter what, so I decided to make a website and run my own Kickstarter-style project.

What will the money be used for?

The “Postcards from Rome” book will be published by Finesse Press and made available using the Print on Demand (POD) services of Blurb. The money will go towards designing and printing the books and postcards. Unfortunately, POD services are very expensive per unit and because they are being produced by a boutique publisher, there are no funds to produce runs in the thousands like commercial publishers do.

I want to buy a postcard, what’s the best option?

There are five options, (three, four and five are the “request a postcard” options) so it’s up to you, but for $100, option three gets you an original, custom-designed, handmade Postcard from Rome, inspired by the person, place or thing of your choice. Your postcard, and the accompanying story, will be included in the book, and you will be credited as a contributor and receive a signed, numbered, limited-edition hardcover copy of the book.

What happens when I request a postcard?

I will get in contact with you via email once your payment has been processed and discuss with you the person, place or thing you would like to receive a postcard from. Check the Postcard Requests list first to make sure your request hasn’t already been made. I will also ask for some background information on why you made that particular request, so I can add to the story when I’m making the postcard so that it has the most meaning for you.

How do you know this project is going to work?

Truth is, I don’t, but in 2009 I undertook a similar project where I “tagged” 50 people, places, and things in Prague for people who made requests via the Internet. It was a fantastic project that really engaged people to find awesome things for me to tag for them and that resulted in a wonderful book: The Tague Project. You can visit the project website here.

The project was a great success, and I really enjoyed it, but the one downfall I felt was that not many people ended up with a copy of the book, which is why I’m making it an integral part of this project: you will receive a piece of artwork and the book for a relatively small fee. I’m value-adding this time and I think that buy-in to the project will really help to engage people. I hope so anyway.

What happens if you don’t reach your target of 50 postcards?

It will be a thinner book and the pack of 50 postcards will have some double-ups. The project will go ahead whether fully-funded or not.