Postcard #10. Piazza Navona

My auntie Jane made this very special request. Special because my auntie, uncle and cousin all came to visit me from the UK whilst I was in Rome. We met at the Piazza Navona and I took photos of all three of them  clowning around, pretending to be spies. Jane wanted a postcard which evoked the glamourous posters of the 50s like Roman Holiday, with bright pop art colours.

For their postcard I designed a fictitious movie poster, set against the backdrop of the Piazza Navona and starring the Wilde family as glamourous spies. Of course there is a vespa in there, bright pop art colours, coarse halftone dots and aged paper texture. It was a lot of fun having the Wildes over for a visit and their postcard reflects that.

piazza navona


  1. Jane Wilde says:

    Amazing – is this a detail though (I see no Vespa…)!

  2. Dominique says:

    Yes Jane, it is the top part of the postcard. The bottom has a Vespa and is set against the backdrop of the Piazza Navona with some groovy 50s typography to finish it off.

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