Postcard #12. Louise Fili

Lisa from Carlton North requested a postcard from Louise Fili, who is a master designer, of Italian descent and just happened to be one of my tutors during the Rome trip. As I got to know Louise over the twelve days, one thing that struck me was her love of wearing dark red and black. Once I noticed it, I discovered all of her outfits followed this very sophisticated colour scheme, so that was one element I knew I had to include in the postcard. The other thing that became evident was Louise’s obsession with Gelato and orange wrappers.

As two of my postcards were already about Gelato, I decided to investigate orange wrappers further instead. Louise pointed me in the direction of a little fruit and vegetable market where she was certain I would find some, and sure enough, there were piles of oranges, some of them covered in wrappers which serve to advertise what type of oranges they were. I asked one of the ladies nicely and she let me have one, so I was able to base my design on it and the main thing I noticed when you look at the wrappers up close, is the lovely coarse halftone which allows the image to be crudely printed on the crumpled waxy paper.

My next step was to photograph Louise in one of her trademark red and black outfits and vectorise the image. I also used her typographic logo (with her permission of course) and then I half-toned the image crudely and printed it onto crumpled paper. I also made the decorative border out of “braces” or curly brackets, which was a nice typographic touch I thought. I hope she likes it.

I was going to wrap the paper around an orange and photograph it, but I discovered Louise had already done this for an SVA postcard, so I decided not to.


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