Postcard #13. The Colosseum

Rebecca from Ashmore requested the Colosseum, which is a must-see for anyone visiting Rome. The main thing that struck me about it was obviously that a great big chunk of it is now missing, and so I chose to cut this shape out of the actual postcard itself. There is a structural wall holding up part of the remains, but because the earthquake that struck the Colosseum took place in 1349, the actual wall bracing it is of antique value now itself because the whole thing is so incredibly old.

As we walked around, I tried hard to imagine all the amazing animal shows, blood-thirsty sports and poor people who died here, but without the floor, any wooden seating, and a large part of the wall, it really did feel like a ruin. All I felt like doing as we walked around it, was to whip out a copy of Ridley Scott’s film Gladiator and watch it purely for the digital rebuild of the Colosseum. I recommend you watch it the day before visiting, as a visualisation would really help to appreciate the whole structure more, but as for Rebecca? Well she only gets half a postcard I’m afraid.



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