Postcard #14. Circus Maximus

George from Byron Bay requested the Circus Maximus and when I got there, I was highly disappointed by what little was left. The original buildings look magnificent in all of the paintings and recreations, but the actual stadium itself is now a long grassy field with raised banks on either side. There is very little sign of ever having structure there at all, apart from one little tower at one end.

I did find inspiration however, some several kilometres away at the Capitoline Museum where they have reconstructed remnants of a chariot and the raised copper panel friezes that went around the chariots were so beautiful and I knew then what I had to do.

The postcard itself is made from copper shim, which is thin enough to cut and bend and I hand-embossed a frieze of chariots and horses around the outside and then the text for CIRCUS MAXIMUS, which runs round and round a central line, in much the same way as the chariots themselves did. I finished the copper with a verdigris patina and lots of dirt, boot polish and metallic waxes to give it the same aged look as the copper skin on the chariot. I love how this turned out.

Circus Maximus

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