Postcard #17. La Bocca della Verità

Rhonda from Elanora requested La Bocca della Verità, otherwise known as the Mouth of Truth. This is made most famous by the 1953 movie Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. The film uses the Mouth of Truth as a storytelling device as the characters are not initially truthful with each other and there is a great scene where Peck explains about how the mouth bites off the hands of liars and then pretends to have his hand bitten off in front of her. Apparently they didn’t tell Audrey that he would lose his hand and so her surprise on camera is real. It is quite delightful.

When I first went to see the mouth of truth, it was closed and the second time, I had to queue for quite a while as it’s clearly a popular tourist attraction. Everyone lines up and poses with their hand in the mouth and then a guard hurries you to move on. I almost wished something would grab your hand when you put it in the mouth, but unfortunately nothing does.

mouth of truth

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