Postcard #19. Pizza from Pizzarium

Kylie from the Gold Coast requested a A Ham and Pineapple Pizza from the Pizzarium, which isn’t in itself that unusual, but Kylie then went on to tell me the story of how she hates Ham and Pineapple pizzas and so does TV Chef Anthony Bourdain and she showed me a snippet on YouTube where Anthony Bourdain stops off in Rome on a layover and has his mind changed by Bonci, who owns the Pizzarium. Being a pizza-lover myself, the chance to eat something recommended by Anthony Bourdain was too good to pass up.

I went there on my first day, just because I had time to kill and it was close to the Vatican, which was also on my list of places to visit the first day. I’m glad I looked it up because it’s down some fairly dreary backstreets and I would never in a million years have simply stumbled upon it. As you can see in the video, there are no chairs and tables, Anthony gets to stand and eat at the counter, but when I visited on a quiet Sunday afternoon, there was nowhere to stand or sit and the queue filed out into the street. I waited 20 minutes and shuffled closer and closer to the pizzas laid out in front of me. There were so many amazing flavours to choose from and they cut it off in hunks with scissors and weigh it to work out what to charge, which in itself is frightening and I think I did rack up quite a large bill because I wanted to try so many.

Once I finally had my slices of truffle pizza, vegetarian and of course ham and pineapple, I sat down on a little corner of bench out in the street and proceeded to eat three slices of the most delicious pizza I have ever eaten in my life, and believe me, I’ve eaten a lot of pizza. Words can’t describe this culinary experience. I won’t even try. Suffice to say, that a year later, I often think fondly about that moment as I go about my day and I vow one day to return for another slice.

I took photos of the Bonci pizza before I ate it, but they look terrible and so for Kylie’s postcard, I recreated the experience with some tricky ham and pineapple typography on a home made pizza. It tasted fairly ordinary. It reminded me why Kylie and Anthony hate ham and pineapple pizza so much. It reminded me of why one day Kylie really should go to Bonci’s Pizzarium and stand there for 20 minutes and eat it in the street just like I did. Thank you for the experience Kylie. Words cannot describe.


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