Postcard #2. Villa Borghese Gardens

Lindsay from Tambourine Mountain requested the Villa Borghese Gardens, or to be more specific, the crazy electric bikes you ride around the gardens. Lindsay recounted this hilarious story of how her and her sister were terrified by these bikes, because you had to pedal like crazy to get the motor to kick in, and when it did, it was time to brake again because you came to a gravel corner.

My adventures were much more sedate than Lindsay’s and I wonder if I found the same type of electric bikes, because mine was remarkable easy to navigate. I was fascinated by the branding on the bikes, so for Lindsay’s postcard, I recreated the Bici Pincio branding and the number of my bike: 03. I love the bright use of blue, red and yellow on the bikes. It was a very fun day and I was glad of the excuse to visit the gardens. Thanks Lindsay.


  1. Lindsay says:

    Hey you posted this on my Birthday! This is awesome. I love that you found it easy to manoeuvre the bike :| Perhaps we were given a lemon..

    Thank you for going to the Gardens!

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