Postcard #20. A Cafe Racer Motorbike

John and Toni from the Gold Coast requested a A Cafe Racer Motorbike because they are both vintage motorbike mad. I had never heard of a Cafe Racer and actually thought it was a brand of motorcycle, but some research quickly told me it’s more a “style” of bike and many brands have made one. According to Wikipedia, “The café racer is a motorcycle that has been modified for speed and handling rather than comfort.” They often feature an elongated fuel tank with dents to allow the rider’s knees to grip the tank, low slung racing handlebars, and a single, rearwardly mounted, humped seat.

To look at, the most distinctive feature for me was the strange flat seat with the hump, so I kept my eye out for one whilst wandering the streets of Rome. They weren’t as prevalent as I was told they would be. Scooters seemed to rule the two-wheeled streets, but I found a few and managed to make a sweet, 50s vintage-inspired postcard and I also used a similar illustration style for Toni and John’s wedding invitations and they even had one as a prop for their wedding photos. Congratulations guys!

Cafe Racer

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