Postcard #23. Something that reminds you of us

El and Jake from the Gold Coast requested ”Something that reminds you of us” and so I created a Roman shield, based on the traditional red and gold designs I found whilst in Rome.

The reason I chose a shield is that El is very open and loving, but she also needs protecting and Jake protects her. He also loves armour and shields and El loves hearts, so I placed a heart in the centre of the shield and surrounded it with four wings. In the centre of the shield it says “CUORI E SCUDI” which is Italian for “HEARTS AND SHIELDS”. I embossed the design in metal shim, spray painted it red and waxed the raised design in gold.

Both El and Jake are highly creative people and I’m pretty sure a custom shield with a heart in the middle will rock their world. It certainly reminds me of them.


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