Postcard #24. Anything you like

Richard from Daisy Hill requested ”Anything you like” and so I originally planned to do a plein air painting, because I know Richard loves landscapes, but when we arrived in Rome, we were given a block of rubbing wax and a Fabriano sketch book, and I instantly thought of him. Richard is never seen without a sketchbook and I thought he would love the idea of taking rubbings around the city, which is of course what we did whilst we were there.

My favourite Roman letters were found on the wall of the Museo dell’Ara Pacis on the Via di Ripetta, which is near where we studied everyday. There is a large block of text, set in metal roman serif letters, incised into the stone wall of the building. It is modern sculptural installation with an homage to the capital letters of ancient Rome. The title of the piece is Res Gestae Divi Augusti, and is apparently a copy of the document in which Augustus recorded his accomplishments and was preserved from the original 1938 pavilion which stood in the same location as the current museum.

I couldn’t think of anything more imaginative to spell than ROME, because for me, this typography symbolises for me what ancient Rome was all about and also the style of font is “roman”. You can also see the lovely traditional yellow ”laid” texture of the Fabriano paper.

roma thumb

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