Postcard #25. The Pantheon

Heidi from the Gold Coast requested ”The Pantheon” which was good news for me, because my hotel was right behind it. I literally walked past it every day and must have gone in three or four times.

I’m ashamed to say I initially had no idea what it was. I think I had it confused with The Parthenon in Greece and of course it’s nothing like that. It’s actually an ancient round temple and several Romans we met said it was their favourite ancient Roman building because it is so old and so perfectly preserved. The most interesting feature about the building is it is completely enclosed, with no windows and only one door. The only light source comes from a large round hole in the centre of the ceiling called an oculus. I was fascinated to learn the oculus is open to the elements and I prayed for rain every time I visited because I wanted to see where all the rain water went when it fell into the building, but alas, it never happened.

Coming from the Northern Rivers area of NSW, where torrential rain is a regular occurrence, the idea that you could leave a hole to the sky in your building was just too much for my tiny brain to comprehend, which is why my postcard is focussed on the roof, and more importantly, the hole in the roof, so as a result, Heidi gets a hole in her postcard.


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