Postcard #26. Church of San Luigi dei Francesi

Michelle from Darlinghurst requested ”Something from the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi” which I automatically assumed would be something to do with Caravaggio, as he has several paintings in this church, but the one thing that struck me when I visited the church was a very weird lenticular Jesus picture, just by the door. His eyes literally follow you, and open and close as you move past it. I was entranced.

On the bottom of the picture, it had the inscription “Miserere mei, Deus”, which is Latin for “Have mercy on me, God” and so I wanted to convey those words in a lenticular fashion. I investigated the prospect of having a real lenticular card made and even bought a few when I was in Rome, but in the end, I simply made one myself out of paper and folded it like a concertina.

When you view it from one angle, it says ”Miserere mei, Deus” and when you view it from  the other 45 degree angle, it says ”Have mercy on me, God”. I gilded the type and the decorative border to match all the gold and white marble in the church. It’s a quirky postcard, but then it’s a quirky church.

San Luigi

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