Postcard #3. Mauro Serafini in his wine bar—Il Vinaietto

Kym from Suffolk Park requested Mauro Serafini in his wine bar—Il Vinaietto, so I made friends with him on Facebook and we arranged to meet once I was in Rome. I took a group of the other typography students with me, especially because one of them was doing her project on wine, (plus everyone else really liked drinking wine), so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to kill some birds with stones.

We met Mauro at the Piazza Navona and walked with him through the winding streets of Rome to a very cute little back street where the wine bar was located. He phoned the owner Paolo Frugoni to come and help Liz with her project and we all had a wonderful evening being entertained by the pair of them. What made me laugh most was the fact the wine bar only had two tables. Everyone bought their glass of wine and would stand out in the street to drink it. Ah Roma!

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