Postcard #35. The Pope

Teneille from the Gold Coast requested ”The Pope” and so I went to his house the first Sunday I arrived to see if I could catch up with him. Around 100,000 people had the same idea, and needless to say, I didn’t make it into the Cathedral for mass, but I was able to watch his arrival on the big screen as I lined up outside.

One thing that struck me about Rome was just how many pope outfitters there were around town, so I figured if I couldn’t get an audience with the big guy himself, I could at least dress like him. I went into one of the pope shops and bought some gorgeous gold and white embroidered fabric—if one visit to the pope’s house taught me anything, he loves his gold embroidery—and sewed a little pontiff label on it, because with all those bishops wondering around in the same gear, you could easily get them mixed up.

pope thumb

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