Postcard #37. Coffee and Cafe Culture

Charlie from the Gold Coast requested ”Coffee and Cafe Culture” which I thought would be easy. I imagined every day would be spent lounging around in sidewalk coffee shops, pretty much like I do back home. How wrong I was. Italians take their coffee very seriously. There is nowhere to sit down, there is no lounging, unless you’re eating. Devoted coffee shops have standing room only, you lean on the table and slam down an incredibly strong coffee and leave. I actually found it the most stressful thing to do and quickly replaced my daily coffee habit with a daily gelato habit instead.

The thing I did love about Rome and coffee was learning that the word Cappuccino is named after the Capuchin monks. I made the card to reflect the messy sprinkling of chocolate all over the counter, because they made them in such a hurry.


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