Postcard #45. Paper

Heidi from Brisbane requested paper. It could have been anything, but I couldn’t get one thing out of my mind. Money.

The first time I went to Italy was in the late 70s, and the paper money seemed strange to me. So strange that I scrunched it up in my pocket with all the other receipts and accidentally threw away a 1000 lire note because it felt papery and not enough like money.

When I started researching the discontinued notes, I was struck by just how beautiful they were, as with all of the old notes put out of circulation by the euro, we’ve been robbed of some beautiful paper artworks. As a way to preserve the beauty, I mashed the front and back of the 10000 lire note and etched it in paper. Just for the sake of interest, this note features Alessandro Volta, because all the Italian lire used to feature famous Italians.


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