Postcard #48. Page Turning

Michelle from Castlemaine requested my hands in white gloves turning the pages of a book in the archives, and we were very lucky to go on an excursion to the Biblioteca Angelica as part of our organised trips. We started off with an introductory talk in the library itself, but we didn’t get a chance to browse the shelves. Instead, we were taken to the reading room where the really precious books and manuscripts were kept.

I was surprised we weren’t asked to wear white gloves when handling these treasures, but the librarian was clearly agitated and twitched whenever we turned a page. I’ve never had the chance to actually touch an illuminated manuscript, so it was quite an honour and special privilege. The pages are vellum and papyrus, not paper, and they felt quite special, so I’m glad that we were not required to wear gloves.

Page Turning

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