Postcard #5. A typographic cat mosaic

Ashleigh from the Gold Coast requested a typographic cat mosaic, and when I started it, I had no idea it would take this long. I’m really going to have to speed things up from here as I know people are starting to get frustrated with waiting. Thank you everyone for your patience.

When you visit Rome, it’s hard to miss the cats, there are strays loitering around all of the major parks and I took a photo of this little black beauty who posed so nicely for my camera. Gatto is Italian for cat and most of the little plaques in this style say “Attenti ai Gatto”, or “Beware of the Cat”. I presume people buy them and stick them on their gate or door, so people don’t leave them open.

I stuck with just the word Gatto because already the mosaic had to be quite large and adding extra words would only make it larger. I’m going to give the mosaic to Ashleigh as somewhere for her cat Pudding to lie when she’s hot. The Italian glass smalti are lovely and cool, and whilst it took a very long time to construct, it was an earthy pleasure to make something in the traditional way the Italians would have. It also helped me to understand why Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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