1. Fontana delle Tartarughe, (the turtle fountain) in Piazza Mattei: requested by Sharon from Currumbin AUS

2. Villa Borghese Gardens: requested by Lindsay from Tamborine Mountain AUS

3. Mauro Serafini in his wine bar—Il Vinaietto: requested by Kym from Suffolk Park AUS

4. A scene reenacted from Tosca at the Castel Sant’Angelo: requested by Sally from Chapel Hill AUS

5. A typographic cat mosaic: requested by Ashleigh from Gold Coast AUS

6. Something to do with Marconi: requested by Tony from Castlemaine AUS

7. Italian Cinema, specifically Neorealism: requested by Mariko from Los Angeles USA

8. Michelangelo’s Keyhole: requested by Dave from Tugun AUS

9. The Roman Catacombs: requested by Carol from Robina AUS

10. Someone stylish in sunglasses on a scooter against a backgrop of the Piazza Navona: requested by Jane from Wigginton UK

11. The Trevi Fountain: request by Margaret from Mermaid Waters AUS

12. Louise Fili: requested by Lisa from Carlton Nth AUS

13. The Colosseum: requested by Rebecca from Ashmore AUS

14. Circus Maximus: requested by George from Byron Bay AUS

15. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel: requested by Robyn from Gold Coast AUS

16. La Dolce Vita: requested by James from London UK

17. La Bocca della Verità (in English, ‘the Mouth of Truth’): requested Rhonda from Elanora AUS

18. A pair of amazing shoes by designer Sergio Rossi: requested by Megan from Gold Coast AUS

19. A Ham and Pineapple Pizza from the Pizzarium: requested by Kylie from Gold Coast AUS

20. A Cafe Racer Motorbike: requested by John and Toni from Mermaid Waters AUS

21. A cat in the window of a pizza shop: Natasha from Surfers Paradise AUS

22. The Surprise of St Peter’s Basilica: requested by Anne-Maree from Gold Coast AUS

23. Something that reminds you of us: El and Jake from the Gold Coast AUS

24. Anything you like: Richard from Daisy Hill AUS

25. The Pantheon: requested by Heidi from Gold Coast AUS

26. Something from the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi: requested by Michelle from Darlinghurst AUS

27. Trajan’s Column: requested by Greg from London UK

28. Something ephemeral: requested by Johannes from Frankfurt, GERMANY

29. A mosaic: requested by Samantha from Perth, AUS

30. Bella tipografia: requested by Russell from Melbourne, AUS

31. Loepp & Nagai jewellery: requested by Rebecca from Croydon, AUS

32. A Postcard from Pasta!!: requested by Paul from Orlando, USA

33. A Gelati-themed postcard: requested by Lexi from Gold Coast, AUS

34. Romulus and Remus statue: requested by Heather and Luisa from Windsor AUS

35. The Pope: requested by Teneille from Gold Coast, AUS

36. Food inspired typography: requested by Aurelie from Gold Coast, AUS

37. Coffee and cafe culture: requested by Charlie from Gold Coast, AUS

38. The Sacking of Rome: requested by Jon from Gold Coast, AUS

39. My surfboard head drawing in a proper gallery: requested by Casey from Gold Coast, AUS

40. Red Ferrari 458: requested by Vlad from Pacific Pines AUS

41. A Vespa: requested by Stacey from Ocean Shores, AUS

42. The Italian Flag: requested by Claudio from Gold Coast, AUS

43. Traditional Gelato flavors: Courtney from New York USA

44. The Hottest Guy you can find: requested by Brett from Brisbane, AUS

45. Something made from Paper: requested by Heidi from Brisbane, AUS

46. Catacombs: requested by Alyson from Miami AUS

47. A Gypsy’s Face: requested by Michelle from Castlemaine AUS

48. Your Hands in White Gloves turning pages within the Archives: requested by Michelle from Castlemaine AUS

49. The Participants of the SVA Workshop: requested by the participants of the SVA Workshop

50. My Favourite Moment: requested by Dominique from AUS.